“After almost 17 years of grappling, it wasn't until I started working with Alex and taking his Kinstretch classes that I felt like I was really in touch with my body. Recovery is faster, pain is less prevalent, and the chronic problems I used to have (ulnar nerve flare-ups, back spasms, knee pain) are all have been under control. You name it, Alex knows it. Alex respects athletes as individuals and develops plans designed for each person. Thank you Alex!”

— Caleb K., 29, Chief Grappling Officer at Guardian Gym



“Alex is not only a strength and mobility coach, he is a true healer. He listens to your body and devises the exercises that are specific to your needs. You will feel stronger and renewed under his attentive and knowledgeable care.”

—Isabella C., 76, Business Psychologist and Consultant

“After only a few months of working with Alex, I’ve already noticed a big difference in how my body is responding to high-level exercise that I’ve previously struggled to maintain because of chronic injuries. I’m looking forward to continuing the process in getting my body to move optimally through the Alex’s detailed orientation and coaching.”

— Lucas M., 26, Soccer Player



“I was having difficulty figuring out the right course of action to take for hip flexor pain. Alex not only pinpointed and gave me the right exercises, but explained what was happening in my anatomy that needed attention. I appreciate someone who gives me the knowledge to own and manage my body. Alex is not a ‘go-to-fix-it’ guy, he’s an encyclopedia for how your body works.”

—Joe C., 65, Contractor

“Alex is a strong communicator and very good at explaining how the body works and how to execute exercises for optimal benefit. He gives you his full attention, is encouraging, and is quickly able to hone in on problem areas with immediate results. I wish I’d found him sooner!”

— Mari M., 50, Engineer



“Ever since Alex joined me in my fitness journey, I've continually had my expectations exceeded and couldn't be happier. I do jiu jitsu and have consistent wear and tear on my joints so I sought out Alex for help with mobility and joint rehabilitation. Alex introduced me to Kinstretch and Functional Range Conditioning, and progressed me through those systems, which have completely changed my understanding of mobility.

My joints have never been happier and healthier and I've been injury-free due to the weekly strength, control, and rehabilitation sessions I do with Alex. I've had my strength and conditioning skyrocket with the training camps Alex has designed for me, so much so that I can use it as a weapon in jiu jitsu competition. Beyond that, Alex's authenticity, humor, and down to earth vibes are always a breath of fresh air.

If you have even a small interest in improving your joint health and finding an all around awesome partner in your fitness journey, you need to meet Alex.”

— Dave A, 33, 2019 Nogi Jiu Jitsu World Champion/Future Dad