• is active, focused training

  • takes mobility training into a group environment

  • builds usable ranges of motion in a joint

  • prepares your body for the activities you want to do

  • mitigates injuries

  • builds resilience to supporting tissues and joints


Kinstretch has taken the best of the scientific literature out there and put it into a system that will change the way you think about mobility.


Who should take this class?

Whether you are an athlete or someone looking to better manage their physical health, Kinstretch is excellent for building and maintaining healthy joints.

*This class isn't targeted toward people who are injured or in pain. For such cases, I would recommend we have a separate conversation about training one-on-one.


Kinstretch Testimonials

“Alex Nichols is a thoughtful coach that takes a lot of pride in paying close attention to details & doing a great job. I have a hard time concentrating on doing things like stretching for a long period of time, but Alex breaks it down and makes it very simple. Most importantly, he teaches me tools that allow me to work on my own even when I'm now with him which makes me feel that the value I get from working with him is only amplified.”

— Ben K, 36, Entrepreneur/Co-founder of Guardian Gym



“I began Kinstretch with Alex when I was starting to get serious about my fitness. He listened to my concerns and tailored programs for me that made a huge difference in my performance and sped up my recovery time. He really cares, and it shows!”

— Lee B, 31, Research Scientist

“I've been attending Alex's Kinstretch classes for a couple months now and have noticed a significant improvement in my strength and mobility. During Jiu Jitsu I'm less likely to avoid positions that in the past would have felt weak or uncomfortable and I attribute this directly to the work I've done under Alex. More generally, my understanding of what it means to be 'strong' has evolved away from purely being able to lift heavy weights."

— Sam K, 29, Counselor



“Alex made my entire body feel alive! I am aware that my body requires joint good health for my goals. Alex helped me understand that training is all about small changes toward frequent, consistent habits so I can better manage my body and longevity.”

— Yolanda H, 54, Powerful Momma