Alex Nichols

Strength Coach and Manual Practitioner


When I was young, I became fascinated with martial arts and the nature of its physical and mental problem-solving.

Martial Arts

  • BHS Wrestling Team Captain

  • Judo Brown Belt

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt

Martial arts, specifically the grappling arts, are exceptionally taxing on the body.

I have had so many injuries through my years of competitive and recreational grappling, and through that, a tremendous amount of lackluster and frustrating care when it came to problem solving injuries.



Thus, it occurred to me that if there were good training and rehabilitative methods that could work for some of the most extreme sports on the planet (e.g. judo, jiu jitsu, wrestling), these methods could work for everyone.

My love for being able to train martial arts fueled my interest into the world of physical performance.

I am sympathetic to people who are struggling with aches, pains, and injuries. Moreover, people who are not able to do the activities they want to do is an incredibly frustrating place to be.

I am deeply inspired to help people live the active lives they deserve.

I strive to educate people with quality information that has withstood the scrutiny of experts, endless hours of practice, and effectiveness in producing results.



What makes me qualified to help you?

Current Focuses:

  • Manual Practitioner (Massage Therapy and Functional Range Release)

When I'm not working with clients, attending workshops and seminars, or studying and reading on my own or with my brilliant colleagues, you can find me…

  • hanging out with family and friends

  • teaching training jiu jitsu at Guardian Gym

  • spending time outside - trail running, hiking, or backpacking